Forthcoming Events hosted by the Village Hall Committee

Monday 18th September 2017 Film – Alone in Berlin Berlin 1940, an elderly couple take action after hearing about their son’s death. Very moving
Monday 16th October 2017 Film – Viceroy’s House The story of how 300 years of British rule in India came to an end. Set in 1947 Delhi.
Saturday 4th November 2017 – Tickets £12 Play – Brilliance – The night the light came! (A farnham maltings production) A new show with music that celebrates progress and change in a bright new world!
Sunday 12th November 2017 – Tickets £12.50 Community Curry Lunch on Remembrance Sunday. Any profits go to War Veterans’ Charities An enjoyable event to which everyone across the Benefice is invited.
Monday 20th November 2017 Film – Churchill Tensions mount for the Prime Minister in the days leading up to the D-Day landings in 1944.
Monday 15th January 2018 Film – Hampstead 12A  An American widow campaigns for a hermit keep his hut and gradually a relationship develops
Monday 19th February 2018 Victoria & Abdul PG  The unlikely alliance between a mournful and stifled Queen Victoria and a young Indian Clerk
Saturday 10th March 2018 – Tickets £10 Music – The Men who Marched Away. By GreenMatthews (formerly Blast from the Past!) A tribute of music, songs and poems from the Great War marking the 100th Anniversary of the end of hostilities.
Monday 12th March 2018 Annual General Meeting Public meeting and your chance to have a say in what goes on.
Monday 19th March 2018 My Cousin Rachel  A young Englishman plots revenge against his late cousins mysterious and beautiful wife
Saturday 7th April 2018 – Tickets £5 Music – DirkJan Ranzijn’s Electronic Organ Extravaganza A return visit by this great showman playing a wide variety of music. There will be something for everyone!
Monday 16th April 2018 Murder on the Orient Express The Agatha Christie murder mystery with Kenneth Brannagh as Hercule Poirot
Saturday 9th June 2018 – Tickets £15 Music – Chris Walker and the Pedigree Jazz Band sponsored by Marstons Brewery. Returning for another tribute to those fabulous old traditional jazz numbers.

These are the known fixtures for the forthcoming season however posters with details of these and other entertainments will be displayed around the village approximately one month in advance of the event.

Tickets for our major shows are available from the Crook & Shears, The Clatfords Village Store in Goodworth Clatford and the Hexagon Stores in Salisbury Road and well as on line.

Past Events hosted by the Village Hall Committee

Monday 19th September 2016 Film – Golden Years
Saturday 15th October 2016 Play – Launch Party – A Bucket Club and Farnham Maltings co-production.
Monday 17 October 2016 Film – Love & Friendship
Monday 21 November 2016 Film – Sing Street
Monday 23 January 2017 Film – The Eagle Huntress
Monday 20 February 2017 Film – Ethel & Ernest
Saturday 25 February 2017 Music – Aire Flamenco by Synergy
Monday 13 March 2017 Annual General Meeting
Monday 20 March 2017 A Street Cat named Bob
Monday 24 April 2017 Film – To be advised
Saturday 10 June 2017 Music – Chris Walker and the Pedigree Jazz Band sponsored by Marstons Brewery
Saturday 7th April 2018 Music – DirkJan Ranzijn’s Electronic Organ Extravaganza